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Pollykatz maine coons

Maine coon breeder

I guess its time to tell you a little about ourselves. We always had a cat and dog when i was a toddler until we moved to Hong Kong in 1977. Mum and dad decided it wouldn't be fair to have pets out there as we lived in a flat and it was so hot. Once my brother and i moved back to the uk after leaving school mum and dad bought us two Birman kitten, Florance and Dougal. Its fair to say it was love at first sight! Sadly we lost Flo when she was 9 and because Dougie was so unhappy we bought him a little brother and sister! Also Birmans!

Zebedee and Jamima puddle duck gave Dougie a new lease of life and he went on to live to the ripe old age if 16. Zeb and Jelly did really well, we lost Jelly nearly three years ago. This time mum decided she really wanted a maine coon kitten after seeing a friends cats. The hunt was on and it didn't take long to find some kittens, dad thought we were only going to have one......we bought home Rambo, Garfield and Tinkerbell!! Maine coons are like no other cats we have ever had! They are gentle giants!

After sustaining a life changing back injury i moved back home as i was unable to work or look after myself after having two back operations. During this time mum and i decided we really wanted to start breeding as a hobby as it might keep us both out of trouble!! It has taken over our lives and i'm not sure how we will ever be able to part with any kittens. What we do know is that we would never be without any of our babies.

Mum has built a new penthouse suite with outside run on it for Brumas, not that he likes being out there! The current project is an out door climbing frame for the big ones!

Our kittens will be able to leave home at 13 weeks, they will have had all their injections, be micro chipped and they will have a goody bag to take to their forever homes with some of their favourite food, toys and 4 weeks pet plan cover note.

If you are interested in having one of our kittens or would like to know more about the breed then please call us or fill in our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If there is anything else you would like to see on our web site then let me know!

The servants!

Hi my name is Claire Pollard, my mum Norma, dad Roger and i have been employed as servants to our beautiful babies!