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Pollykatz maine coons

Maine coon breeder

Our Girls.

Tamaracoon Aphrodity

Pet name: Blueberry Muffin

Blueberry is a blue tortie girl. She is stunning! she has huge tufty ears that she is yet to grow into, long bushy tail and a long thick coat that needs very little grooming. She likes to think that she is the boss and can do what ever she likes which means she is always in trouble!! She loves having cuddles and while we are out she keeps an eye on what my dad is up to especially when it comes to making the beds!! 

Bhanacoyne Hoyden

Pet name: Black Star Saphire...aka...Saphie

Saphie is a black tabby girl, she is a very big girl with big tufty ears and very long tail. Her coat is long and thick so she does need regular grooming to keep her looking beautiful. She is the younger sister to Rambo, Garfield and Tinkerbell. She can be shy with people she doesn't know and for this reason we do not take her to shows. She is such a softy and loves having lots of kisses and cuddles.

Summerplace felicita

Pet name: Jessie

Jessie is a black torbie classic. She is a stunning girl with great features, huge ears, long bushy tail and her coat is like silk. She loves playing with the girls and spends most of the day running around having fun. She still loves having kisses and cuddles and if you role her on to her back she will purr for England. At Jessie's first show she got her first CAC so she only needs 2 more :)

Bhanacoyne Jools

Pet name: Jojo

Jojo is a black smoke girl, she has big ears with white tips, she has a long bushy tail and her coat is very thick but feels like silk. She is such a cheeky loving little girl who will chat away to you if you talk to her and she loves having lots of kisses and cuddle. I often wake up during the night to find Jojo lying on top of me!